Dive Centres and Sub Aqua Clubs


Talks and Workshops For Diving Clubs

As well as running our own workshops in Manchester we also give talks on underwater photography to scuba diving clubs around the UK. We only charge travel expenses to do this and have no objection to the club charging an entrance fee and keeping any proceeds made beyond our fuel costs for the journeys. 

We also run underwater photography and photo editing workshops in conjunction with clubs and dive centres around the UK. For this we charge a fee and expenses with all additional profits going to the host organisation. This can be a good way for a club to boost its funds relatively easily while offering members something different from the usual courses and events.

We are happy to work with clubs and centres affiliated to any training organisation. We'll also happily come and talk to photography clubs etc.

For more information email info@alphamarinephoto.com or call us on  0800 234 3350