Power saving tip number two : Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS

Since digital cameras began to grow in popularity manufacturers have added more and more amazing features to them to get consumers to keep coming back to buy the next upgrade. 

Two common camera features now are the ability to connect wirelessly to various devices either by Bluetooth or WiFi, and the ability to track where you are by GPS and add this info to the metadata of your images. 

Both of these features can be useful but neither one can be used once you are underwater and they use camera battery power to function. So better to turn them off before you get in the water especially if you are in a situation where changing batteries between dives isn't an option and you want to squeeze all the life you can out of one battery.

Once you leave surface lots of those fancy camera features stop being useful

Once you leave surface lots of those fancy camera features stop being useful

If you are like me and don't use these features on land either (I find wireless transfer too slow compare to using the card reader on my laptop) leave them off all the time. All these features can usually be turned on and off in a camera's setup menu.  

As an aside when taking wildlife images on land be aware that poachers of rare creatures such as rhinos look for GPS info in the metadata of images placed on the internet to locate animals. So turn your GPS off or remember to remove location info before sharing your pics while on safari. 

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